Monday, 24 August 2009

It's been such a long time..

Sorry we've been so quiet, we were making an album and enjoying the summer..

We have a little single out called 'And Suddenly' on Slumberland Records, it's a one-off that won't be on the album.

The other side features George Washington Brown (Pete Gofton, aka Johnny X from Kenickie).

You can buy or download it from the Slumberland website / Amazon / i-Tunes / Rough Trade.
We'll be announcing our album release date and UK tour shortly.
See you all soon xx


Trung said...

haha, six months of silence better translate to an awesome album.

The School said...

yeah no pressure or anything!

StuPC said...

Al-bum! Al-bum! Al-bum!

Please. :-)