Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Let me explain..


Our album release date will be announced very soon, it's going to be in Jan/Feb 2010 now so we have enough time to promote it. We're truly sorry to have kept you waiting so long.

In the meantime we've just found out that 'And Suddenly' (our cover of the Left Banke out now on Slumberland Records as a split single with George Washington Brown) will be featured on an indiepop compilation from Rough Trade - more details coming soon!


You can hear a couple of our songs in the film 'Yo, TambiƩn' ('Me, Too') which is about the life of Pablo Pineda (who stars in the film), the first European with Down Syndrome to achieve a university degree. We're honoured to be part of such a beautiful film, it's out in October 09. Hopefully it'll be in an independent cinema near you soon..

Here's the trailer, which features 'I Don't Believe in Love' from the Let It Slip EP, a duet between Liz and our old drummer Rob, who is now better known as The Voluntary Butler Scheme. xx


Trung said...

thanks for the approximate ETA. i always feel like a worried mother when it comes to these things.

Baroque Pop Radio said...

We like what you do!